Health Care Programmes

NorSA is actively involved in the provision of health services in partnership with the Department of Health.

Providing comprehensive health services aimed at the prevention and treatment of HIV, TB and STI’s. The services are available at a conveniently situated community health centre (CHC). The Centre has specially trained and highly skilled staff (professional nurse and two counsellors).

The following services are offered:

  • Free voluntary HIV, TB and STI screening, testing and counseling
  • Sexual reproductive health counselling and treatment i.e. distribution of male and female condoms, injection, birth control tablets
  • Support and counselling for community members on chronic medications i.e. hypertension, diabetes, ARV’s
  • Support and counselling of community members on TB treatment, specifically those on drug resistant treatment

The CHC’s staff also provide health educational programmes through our extensive outreach and peer education programme held at farms, factories and community group events.