Family Care Programme

The focus of the family care programme is to support, educate, empower and monitor high risk families and children. This early intervention programme ensures that high risk children receive the necessary support, access to education, medical care and food security, life skills and provision in their most basic needs. Being part of this programme ensures that these children can stay in their families of origin and have the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

Fifteen high risk families (HIV/AIDS, TB, extreme poverty) are registered in a group. A care worker from the community is appointed to become the “mother figure” of each group of 15 families. A Registered Social Worker supervises and trains these care workers on a regular basis.

NorSA is currently reaching 500 children through this programme. These children receive access to Early Childhood Development, food security, school uniform and school necessities, monitoring and assistance with health challenges. Parents are included in parenting groups, receive counseling and support and are monitored and motivated to be effective parents within their deprived circumstances to prevent these high risk children ending up in the statutory system.