Get Involved

Make a Donation

NorSA became aware of the needs within the communities and started to develop projects to the benefit of children and families in need. Due to the dire need, the project developed very quickly. You can help us. Your funds can support our projects.

You can send us an e-mail and tell us how you want to help us. We will provide you with our banking details to make a transfer.

Our aim is to change the destiny of families and specific children in need and we committed ourselves to this community. Our aim is further to get involved in the lives of the children to break the circle of destructive lifestyles. All these children have the potential to make a success of their lives. They however need us to provide the necessary opportunities for them.

Donations are what keeps NorSA going. Our projects need sustainable ongoing support. Contact us at and let’s see how you can help us with specific needs. We deeply appreciate your support.

Spread the Word

Creating awareness for the situation in the townships is a vital activity of NORSA. You can help us by spreading the word. Talk to your family, friends, colleagues. Let them hear about what you read on our website, link from your website to ours… The sky is really the limit here.

Share our website with your friends or family. Let’s all create awareness about the circumstances in which people live today.

You can contact Marietjie to inquire for communication supports such as pictures, posters, letters… We would be happy helping you helping us!

The more people that get to know us, the more awareness we create for the problems and situation of the less fortunate.