Temporary Safe Care for Babies

NorSA developed a programme that provide Temporary Safe Care for babies in need of care. Most of these babies are available for adoption. According to legislation, they need to be in Temporary Safe Care pending all the legal procedures involved in adoption before they can be placed in the care of adoptive parents.

NorSA screens and monitors individual families who make themselves available to provide Temporary Safe Care to these babies. Currently 35 individual families are involved in this programme.

Depending on the individual circumstances of a baby, the period of care can be between 2 months – 6 months.

NorSA recently started an additional Temporary Safe Care Programme where a maximum of 6 babies can be accommodated at a time. This is a costly project due to staff, milk, nappies and other necessities for the babies.

We are however involved with these babies from the day they are discharged from hospital and these first months can be crucial in their development. We need to provide them with the opportunity to receive love, nurture, medical care, stimulation and attention.

Temporary Safe Care for babies in need of care ensures that the babies in our care will receive a loving foundation. NorSA also facilitates all the statutory processes involved in placing babies in Temporary Safe Care